My husband gave me a gift certificate for time with Marina this year for Christmas. They had pre-arranged for her to visit on Dec. 27 for wardrobe styling and then she and I planned a date to go shopping in early January.  

The whole experience was wonderful! I was so happy not only to receive such a thoughtful and perfect gift from my husband, but I didn't even have to schedule it - they worked together and just told me where to be! :) 

The closet audit/wardrobe styling was an amazing experience! I am a stay-at-home mom to 4 young boys... I don't necessarily feel like I am in touch with current styles, but Marina showed me how to pull together pieces from my own closet and suddenly I had so many more choices than I ever thought I did before! The other benefit of having Marina in my closet was that she then knew what I already had and then built a shopping list of what I needed for our shopping trip.  

The shopping trip was great - we found a lot of pieces I needed to fill some gaps. Marina pampered me by insisting on carrying the bags and running to get different sizes/colors as needed.  

After the shopping trip, Marina didn't just disappear - she texted/emailed me to be sure that I was happy with my purchases, continued to search for the correct size/color for a pair of boots that I wanted and sent me the link to order them, and answered questions I had about wearing my new pieces.  

I had a great time with Marina, feel like my wardrobe expanded greatly (without actually spending that much money on new clothes/shoes!), and appreciate that she will still answer questions even though she technically isn't being paid. Marina is a fellow military spouse and I love supporting other "military sisters". She listens to what you want out of the session, adapts to your taste/goals/sense of style, and offers many suggestions to give you new things to try. I highly recommend her!


Marina is an angel. I am in an odd period where I have gained a little weight and a lot of curves, and before working with Marina, I had NO idea how to dress myself as both a single mother and a business professional. My closet was completely outdated and full of clothes that were far too young and tiny for me. She helped me confidently purge everything to make room for some more high quality staples that fit me right now, not as I was or as I hope to be.

Our shopping trip to Potomac Mills was great! I have to admit, I’m timid and a bit unsure when trying on new outfits (I’m the type that stares into a dressing room mirror and worries and frets for 10 minutes), but Marina made the trip productive and fast, to keep me under budget and within our time constraints (single mom, major budget). I have a list of ideas now on what I should be purchasing to accentuate my figure in the most appropriate way, without being boring or matronly.

Hiring a personal wardrobe stylist was something completely out of my realm of life. But I feel like it was absolutely a fantastic investment. I’m really really enthusiastic about shopping now and trying on clothes that will flatter me rather than making me look frumpy or outdated.

Plus Marina is very enthusiastic, positive, high-energy, and a genuine joy to be around. She made the whole experience a blast!

The job Marina undertook consisted providing styling to my model to complete 7 looks conceptually giving the shoot that Guess modern feel. Marina was the absolute professional, providing, not only the looks i had asked for, but went above and beyond by bringing 5 additional looks that proved to serve even better than ones i had originally anticipated shooting. Her input and styling was essential to the success and outcome of my shoot that day and the proof is in the post production shots.

IVE NEVER MET ANYONE ELSE WHO CAN MAKE LITERALLY EVERY OUTFIT LOOK GOOD. She is a fashion guru and I would trust her to dress me for the Oscars. Marina is so kind and friendly and hardworking, I would recommend her to anyone.

Marina was very patient and honest. I have an odd body shape with no sense of style. She did a closet edit and let me know exactly what was not working and WHY. She answered all my questions and gave me great tips. During our shopping, I got a ton of great clothes that were stylish and that I can mix and match together with what I have in my closet. She also kept me on budget and shopped the sales which was a huge for me. She was very organized and had a plan of attack during our trip. Can't imagine going shopping without her!

I had a great experience working with Marina. She helped me assemble outfits from my existing clothes and accessories and made suggestions on how to improve and diversify my wardrobe. I am looking forward to meeting with her again to go shopping!

After the closet audit, Marina and I went shopping in Potomac Mills for clothes and accessories for my upcoming wedding reception and honeymoon in Europe. I loved her selections and she gave great suggestions on how to wear different outfits that are flattering for my age and body type. I moved to the DC area from Puerto Rico, a tropical island, so I tend to wear a lot of colorful dresses and bead necklaces. I have very few separates so Marina helped me choose tops and bottoms for the summer. Also most of my clothes are from Banana Republic because they tend to fit well and I don't like to spend long hours shopping; however, Marina found outfits for me in stores that I normally never shop in. It is great to get out of my comfort zone! I look forward to working with Marina again to help me update my closet for the fall and winter months. I highly recommend Marina's services.

Marina was my style guru the summer of 2013. She has a very pleasant and easy-going personality. We first did a closet audit, which finally helped me get rid of all the things I didn't have the courage to through or give away. She did let me keep some of the things that had "potential" :) She was very sensitive to what I'm comfortable in, but also allowed me try new things that worked so well for me. We had an wonderful day shopping, it's amazing how many clothes I was passing by not knowing how to wear them. I still consult with her when I shop, just for advice of what to buy/not to buy. Time spent with her and the direction she led me to was so worth it. I would recommend her to anybody who has a specific occasion to dress for, or just needs a couple of pointers.

I would recommend a personal shopper to all new moms! Shopping after having a baby is frustrating; you don't remember what it is like to wear "normal" clothes, your body seems foreign, and you have a little person tagging along who is very high maintenance. I tried shopping a few times since having my second child but with no success. I would wander the stores with no direction or focus. Thank goodness for Marina! As soon as we started our shopping session she felt like a friend I had known for years. She was warm and completely unbiased. She helped me determine what my current style needs were and also which items I should pass by. I learned that wearing patterns isn't as scary as I thought it would be! But beyond the "technical" aspects, I simply had fun and felt so spoiled! Marina carried everything, handed me items in the dressing room, helped keep my little one entertained in the stroller, and even buckled my shoes! She truly made it all about me, and that is HUGE for a new mom who is constantly putting everyone else's needs before her own. I gained confidence in my new body and current style. I now truly feel like I am a stylish mama! Now when people look at me it isn't because I look like I rolled out of bed, it's because I look good!